Our Kiruv Obligation

  • The Matzav of Klal Yisroel
  • The Demographics & Statistics
  • What our Gedolim say

For Inspiration and to hear what our Gedolim say about the importance of reaching out to our estranged brethren.

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Ideas & Resources

  • Do's and dont's in Kiruv
  • Best Kiruv books and online material
  • Foriegn language material

We all come in contact with non-frum Jews, be it a business colleague, friend, neighbor or electrician, here are some ideas and resources how to reach out.

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Kiruv Organizations

  • Kiruv classes in your area
  • Upcoming Shabbatons and seminars
  • Yeshivas and Seminaries

Know somebody who is ready for a Torah class, Shabbaton, Yeshiva or Seminary? Here's a comprehensive listing of local Kiruv organization around the world.

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Volunteer for Kiruv

  • Study with another Yid
  • Cook, drive or shlep
  • Organize or give a class

Give your best talents! There are thousands of Jews who are waiting for a study partner to learn Torah, and organizations who are in need for some extra help in organizing, cooking driving or even giving a class.

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